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Local Lead Generation in St Louis, MO

All LEADS are not created equal!! Stop paying Google Adwords in hopes to get a phone call! We don’t even like calling them “leads” because these are better – These are LIVE people calling for your service!!

3 Reasons You Need Our Leads Now

  1. 100% live people calling your business for your service now! No email, web opt-in, or random phone numbers for you to call and try to sell.

  2. Our leads are cheaper than paying for Google Adwords, Home Advisor, or others.

  3. You’re in control! Send the calls to any designated phone number of your choice, only pay for the calls that are actually leads, access to all recorded calls for verification purposes, and more.

So How Does It Work?

We have networks of internet properties like websites and videos that are already ranked on the internet for various terms that people are searching for every single day. These are generally terms like “air conditioning repair <CITY>” or “emergency plumber <CITY>”.

People will find our internet properties, call our phone number listed and that caller is automatically redirected to your companies business phone number! Your company will answer the phone and provide service to the customer just like normal.

The keywords we rank for generate calls from people generally needing immediate service. They are taking the time to Google Search the service they need and call about it instantly. These callers are not “tire kickers” and are not calling for quotes. They need service and they need service now!!

Niches Currently Looking to be Filled

  1. 24 Hour St Louis HVAC Company
  2. 24 Hour St Louis Plumber

Frequently Asked Questions

How many calls will I be getting every day?

A. Really depends. Calls fluctuate with the weather conditions and our rankings in Google, but lately it’s been about 2-4 calls per week. Our network for HVAC calls is fairly new and its expanding every day so calls can increase over time.

Where are these callers coming from?

A. We have a network of websites and videos ranked for various keywords which generates calls. People find our sites by searching in Google for “ac repair in st louis” or “air conditioning repairs st louis” and other keywords.

How does the caller get to me?

A. We use a sophisticated analytic call tracking system that directs the phone call to your desired phone lines. All calls are recorded as well to verify leads produced.

What calls will I be charged for?

A. You are only charged for actual leads. For example, when the caller requests service, their information is taken, and they are told a service man will be calling them back. We do not charge for solicitations, disconnected phone calls, or other random things of that nature.

How is this better than paying for Google Adwords or leads from Home Advisor?

A. Our leads are exclusive and are 99% of the time looking for immediate service. Since people are actively doing a Google Search for AC Repair in St Louis, they are calling to have a service man at their house or business ASAP. They are not shoppers or tirekickers and you don’t pay for those calls anyways. They are the highest quality call you can possibly get. Plus, we are a small local business in St Louis and are only a phone call or email away. Good luck getting in touch with Google or Home Advisor if you have a question.

Air Conditioning keywords for Google Adwords are between $45-$85 PER CLICK! It typically takes 5-7 clicks on your ad before getting a call, putting your Lead Cost around $250 or more.

Home Advisor leads are not exclusive. 90% are shoppers only looking for estimates. You are responsible for calling or emailing these leads and selling them on your service. Getting in touch with them is just the first of many hurdles to close their leads.

Can you deliver all types of HVAC calls?

A. Yes. Our network is being built to deliver all types of HVAC calls like heating, furnaces, boilers, air handlers, AC units, and more.

Will I have access to these recorded calls?

A. Yes. We can provide login information for you to see the calls delivered.

How will I be billed for the calls?

A. We bill your company weekly on Mondays for calls delivered the previous week on Monday-Sunday. Invoices are due by that Friday and are done with PayPal.

Do I need to sign something to get started?

A. Yes. We have simple Lead Purchase Agreement that needs to be signed to establish our business relationship.

How much do your leads/calls cost?

A. Google Adwords charges between $45-$85 PER CLICK, with 5-7 clicks being the average before somebody calls you, making your lead cost about $250. Our prices vary depending on the industry but always come out cheaper than the other guys.

Service Company Requirements

  1. Licensed and Insured
  2. Able to handle commercial and residential
  3. 24/7 Availability
  4. Handle calls all over STL area. (Most are St Louis County, Ballwin, Manchester, Ladue)
  5. Professional, courteous, and speak fluent English
  6. Answering service is a plus but not required
  7. Must have the manpower (staff) to handle the call volume
  8. Last but not least, must be able to answer the phone when it rings! You can’t make money and pay your employees if the phone isn’t answered. 90% of callers do not leave a voicemail and just call the next service¬†company on their computer screen. Missing a phone call is literally like losing $300-$1000+ every time.

Missing phone calls can’t and won’t be tolerated and we operate under a “3 strikes and you’re out” rule. Neither you or I can pay ourselves or our staff if the phone isn’t answered.

Ready to Setup? Have More Questions?

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