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Let’s face it, videos are everywhere! Studies show, people far rather watch a video than read plain text! In most cases it can be easier to rank a video for certain keywords rather than a website.

Video Marketing is an essential part of today’s SEO and marketing strategy. Just look around, videos are everywhere. All over our Facebook feeds, Instagram, Twitter, blog posts, websites, and of course, YouTube!  It’s estimated that 300 hours of video are uploaded every single minute to YouTube. It’s safe to say that video is here for good.

Video can be used for just about anything you can imagine. Company introductions, product description or sales, and lead generation are some of our most popular video projects we do. The possibilities are truly endless.

We are highly successful at creating and ranking new or existing videos for our clients. We can properly determine the right keywords to go after, because some keywords are more accepting than others. Just like a normal website takes time to rank, this holds true for videos too. Typically videos rank a little bit quicker, but we can’t guarantee that (nobody can!).

Do I need to use video?

Well that’s a simple answer: YES, Google owns YouTube! That answer still surprises quite a few people. Google bought YouTube for a reason and favors its products more than others. A webpage is 80% more likely to rank on Page 1 if it contains a YouTube video. Trust me, that’s not a coincidence!

Also, having videos on your webpages is going to encourage your visitors to stay longer and dig deeper into your content. The longer a visitor is on your webpage and the more pages they click through all increases your rankings. A video showing in the search results is also 80% more likely to be clicked on rather than a website listed because people love videos!

St Louis Video Marketing is something you need to get started with immediately. The benefits and great results are something that can’t be ignored or overlooked. Let us show you what we can do for your company today! Get started now!

Google Search: How To Change a Tire 

Even though the video is ranking third, 80% of people will watch the video rather than reading directions!